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Beef & Jasmine Rice Bowl

Beef & Jasmine Rice Bowl

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Tender beef medallions seasoned with our house spice blend, served with our signature jasmine saffron rice and green beans. Filling and full of nutrients.
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Nutrition Details

Ingredients & Allergens

Allergens: None

INGREDIENTS: Green Bean Whole Haricot Verts, Boneless Beef Chuck Shoulder Tender [Teres Major Muscle], Water, Jasmine Rice [White Jasmine Rice], Salt Kosher [Salt, Yellow Prussiate of Soda], Saffron, Fresh Peeled Garlic, Ground Black Pepper.

Heating Instructions

1. Tear perforations on side panels and remove the label.
2. From a thawed state and using a 1000 watt microwave, heat on HIGH for 2:00-2:30 min.
3. You may hear popping as the self-venting steam dome forms.
4. Once the dome deflates, remove the film from the tray and enjoy!