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Spicy Firecracker Shrimp

Spicy Firecracker Shrimp

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Ready to kick your taste buds into high gear? Our Diablo Shrimp has got your back! We're talking about succulent shrimp seared to perfection and coated in our homemade spicy sauce. We heap them on a bed of fluffy white rice alongside sautéed red, yellow, orange, and poblano peppers for that extra flavor punch. Get ready for a spicy flavor explosion!

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Nutrition Details

Ingredients & Allergens

Allergens: Shellfish

INGREDIENTS: Shrimp [26-30 White Peeled-&-Deveined Tail-Off Imported Indonesia], White Rice IQF [Water, White Rice], *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Farro Chipotle Peppers in Sauce [Chipotle Peppers, Water, Tomato Paste, Salt, Sugar, Onion, Acetic Acid], Pepper Red Bell Large Fresh, Pepper Bell Green Chopper, Pepper Poblano Dice, Orange Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper, Parsley Fresh, White Distilled Vinegar [Reduced With Water to 5% Acidity], Salt Kosher [Salt, Yellow Prussiate of Soda], Ground Black Pepper, Granulated Garlic, Onion Powder, Ground Turmeric, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Ground Cumin, Spice Ground Cinnamon.

Heating Instructions

1. Remove the label. 2. From a thawed state and using a 1000 watt microwave, heat on HIGH for 2:00-2:30 min. 3. You may hear popping as the self-venting steam dome forms. 4. Once the dome deflates, remove the film from the tray and enjoy